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From July 2, 2008 at 6 pm

District Counsel Neubau
Hermanngasse 24-26
A-1070 Wien

The art project FADINGworld is devoted to the loss of natural and cultural resources on our planet.
A several-story-high, hanging mobile focuses on primary forest. Four viewing balconies are directed in the four points of the compass and represent the loss of biodiversity, the fading of languages, the premeditated destruction of landscapes and the loss of rainforests. The centerpiece is dedicated to the rainforest: merciless deforestation represents a global threat - a threat that artistic means can convey better than mere statistics.
Short written statements on these topics are presented on small platforms at different levels. Visitors can inform themselves by walking from one level to the other, surrounded by hanging plants in a mixture of natural and artistic green hues.
FADINGworld is a work of art that offers endless opportunities for modifications and adaptations tailored to new developments and specific audiences.
The installation, based on painted themes on transparent media, allows FADINGworld to be viewed from various angles, yielding ever new, multi-layered perspectives. The fusion of art and nature is one of Sylvie Proidl's key concerns and is the logical evolution of her previous projects.

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