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June 6 - 26, 1998

Amerlinghaus Gallery
Stiftgasse 8
A-1070 Vienna

FAMILY OF MAN is the artistic rendition of a collection of anthropological plaster casts in the F.F. Collections Donaueschingen. The paintings, done in pastel crayon on canvas, portray the different human races that inhabit the earth. The larger-than-life format projects a typical 19th century perspective into our present weltbild. The mystical charisma of the human faces, the closed eyes and the introspective poses touch on a crucial issue for all living persons, namely death. The title "Family of Man" was selected once before in 1955 for the celebrated photo exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, but in the present context is designed to show human beings as one species and to underline the common bond uniting every individual.




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