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April 19 - 29, 2006

El Aurassi

Under the patronage of the Austrian Embassy in Algiers and the Algerian Ministry of the Environment

In her first exhibition in Algiers, Sylvie Proidl shows the cycle LES JARDINS HEUREUX and turns her attention to "happy gardens", a fictitious location characterized by harmony between humans and nature.
The concept behind these paintings is a fusion of various landscapes from the Caribbean, the Pacific region and Central America with pictograms from the Algerian desert. Her paintings of the rock surfaces include the motifs of the famous Algerian paintings and stone etchings, which are a cornerstone of human culture. The paintings stand complimentarily to depicted endangered habitats. The translucent application of the paint points the focus squarely on the light-flooded exotic plants.
The titles of these paintings refer to the exact designation of the applied oil colors and mask explicit topographies. The idea is to promote a global awareness for environmental issues.

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