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September 19, 2012 GIRLSinPAPER at 8 pm

Girls will be wrapped up by the artist Sylvie Proidl and the wrapping will be torn into, torn up and torn off. The artistic veiling will be made of stiff material and will yield a mountain of paper at the end of the show. Bewildered by Usonia Sound, the spectators are never quite sure what to expect next.

Fashion: Angelika Foltas
Sound: USONIA Ensemble (Michael Franz Woels/Adrian Flux)
Photography: Matthias Silv

Fashion by ANGELIKA FOLTAS involves one-off pieces that are modeled directly on the body and adapted in color and structure to the personality of the wearer. Hand-made "artwork", elegant and reduced, plays the evening dress theme.

USONIA ENSEMBLE creates sound installations, far removed from traditional concerts, by transdisciplinary cooperations marked by ever new approaches to compositions and sound possibilities. The two main protagonists Michael Franz Woels (electric guitar) and Adrian Flux (keyboards) accompany the show, leave the viewers guessing and support the art project auditorily.



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