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April 10 to October13, 2006
Opening: May 11, 2006 at 8pm

Opening hours: every Friday after 2 p.m. by appointment

Moderator: Karin Steger (radio anchor)
Music: Alegre Corea and Ana Paula da Silva

Buro Rothenbuchner & Partner
Schwindgasse 4/7
A-1040 Vienna

Large-format paintings of tropical rainforests, misty waterfalls, and children in boats on the Amazon are an invitation to enter the unfamiliar world of indigenous peoples. The moist habitats of primary forests, the rays of sunlight on exotic plants, and impressions of initiation rites are the inspiration behind the paintings.
Rather than merely representing actual landscapes, the oil paintings on canvas underline the more general problems facing endangered habitats. A subtle paint application and the very soft coloration immerse the viewer in the unique atmosphere of the tropics. The special technique - pastel crayon on canvas - is used in the large portraits from the cycle Family of Man, which was devoted to this cultural realm, and enhances the mystical expression of these faces.
Sylvie Proidl shows a cross-section of her recent work from cycles on the Caribbean, the Pacific region, Central America and Brazil.


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