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Beginning June 13, 2003 at 10 am

Awarded the 3rd prize of the City council of Vienna, district XIV

Tram station 52
Baumgartner Spitz
A-1140 Vienna

In the framework of The tram - from one artwork to the other, the artist Sylvie Proidl has set up a permanent installation devoted to the RAINFOREST issue. In a cooperative effort with the garden center Krepela, Sylvie Proidl displays details of paintings from the Caribbean, Central American and Pacific realms in a planted bamboo forest setting. An additional 3.2 m-long textile band is devoted to the black fishes of the Amazon River in an admirable attempt to bridge the gap between art and nature. The installation is accompanied by an introductory statement about the threats this habitat faces. This aim is to raise awareness for the global significance of rainforests on our planet and their role for the future of humankind.



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