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June 16, 2005, at 7pm-12pm

Palm House Burggarten
A-1010 Vienna

In June an opportunity came up to present XIBALBA in the Palmhouse in Vienna's Burggarten. As opposed to the 1999 Palmhouse exhibition in Schönbrunn, which took place in a functioning glasshouse, the absence of plants made the paintings on transparent plastic the focal point of the former Habsburg greenhouse.
This was a rare chance to not only look through the pictures but to view them from two sides, lending a floating dimension to the art presentation. The various stages of the Mayan underworld, the animals and hybrid creatures are set in their polychromatic surroundings, with laughing skulls alluding to the future and to destiny.
Over the course of the evening, the Palmhouse increasingly transformed itself into a gleaming ship that seemed ready to set sail into the darkness with its luminous cargo.


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