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Sound installation: Gerhard Junker

March 29 - April 12, 1996

Watertower Wienerberg
Windtenstraße 3
A-1100 Vienna

The imposing architecture of the former Watertower Wienerberg offers a unique opportunity to carry out this visual and auditory art transformation. The interior walls of this cylindrical building were used to hang paintings in oil, pastel on canvas, and mixed techniques on an unusual array of materials including polyester sheet and tapa.
The artwork deals with tropical water and thus reflects the original use of the building. The first, round middle room is devoted to the diverse phases of a rainstorm and is flanked by Tiki and Heitiki. On the second floor, the visitor is surrounded by a beach scene - panorama formats show the landward and seaward perspectives. The large-format "Plastic Rain" (1600 x 200 cm) represents the flowing, humid environment of the rainforest and is at the same time a call for preserving this endangered ecosystem.
In line with the topic, various sounds, tones and human voices are projected into the room from numerous loudspeakers. The vertical dimension of the tower exerts a special effect on the sound propagation. The remote-activated sound system describes the water cycle and provides an abstract rendition of the evaporation process as a transitory phenomenon. A further focal point on the top floor is the "talking faces": they impart liveliness and expression to the static, monolithic water container.




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