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May 22 - June 16, 1997

Mots & Tableaux Gallery
83, rue mercelis
B-1050 Brussels

For the first time in Brussels, the Austrian painter Sylvie Proidl showed a selection of her works at the Mots & Tableaux Gallery. This exhibition can be understood as the artistic counterpart of a biological transect - as a wide-ranging cross section of tropical life, as a survey of a highly diverse biotope.
The large-format paintings in oil and pastel crayons on canvas depict the rainforests of the West Indies, the steaming earth of New Zealand, as well as the misty primeval forests of the South Pacific. Acoustical elements introduce a three-dimensional component to a primary forest installation.
Paintings from the cycle "Trinidadian Carnival" use strong colors to describe the spirited joy of the participants. With the distanced perspective of an outsider, Sylvie Proidl looks behind the carnival's façade to discover the elementary delights of dance and costumes.
These works of art are an affirmative examination of humankind and nature and are meant to stimulate reflection about the sensitive balance of the elements in the tropics.



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