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Gerlinde Kosina
Beatrix M. Kramlovsky
Sylvie Proidl

November 22-24, 2002

Studio Sylvie Proidl
Schottenfeldgasse 76/2
A-1070 Vienna, Austria

This year's WINTERSALON was devoted to selected works by the artists Gerlinde Kosina, Beatrix M. Kramlovsky and Sylvie Proidl. The exhibition was opened with the reading: The earth is clothed in words by Beatrix M. Kramlovsky and a percussion performance by chris & sam.
Gerlinde Kosina colorfully underlines the conflict between representative and abstract art. The blurring of forms in the typically monochromatic oil paintings, which thus emphasize ephemeral phenomena, are rooted technically in intensive experience with watercolors.
Beatrix M. Kramlovsky presents unusual perspectives from her comprehensive multi-annual cycle <travel paintings> in oil/pastel on handmade paper by John Gerard (an internationally acclaimed paper artist currently residing in Bonn) along with graphic works that deal with humans both in a naked state and as an element in public places.
Sylvie Proidl presents a mixture of small-format, new vedutas and large-format room-filling rainforests in oil and pastel chalk. Based on their size reductions, the new paintings combine the Classic Modern with a more recent perspective.


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