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Ingrid Süschetz
Gabriella Trummer
Sylvie Proidl

November 20, 2003

Studio Sylvie Proidl
Schottenfeldgasse 76/2
A-1070 Vienna, Austria

This year, the WINTERSALON 03 once again took place at its traditional late November time slot. Three artists were again represented: Ingrid Süschetz, a painter from Lower Austria, Gabriella Trummer, a ceramicist from Burgenland, and the hosting artist Sylvie Proidl, a visual artist from Vienna. This trio combined forces and showed their differing approaches to the topic "hot love". The idea was to convey sentiment and passion in the gray and cold season. District councilor Madeleine Reiser emceed the opening ceremony and addressed issues of cultural politics in the Neubau District.
The accordionist Jovica Djordjevic played tango music to round off the overall performance and underline the evening's theme.
Sylvie Proidl presented a selection of paintings that deviated from her rainforest focus and dealt figuratively with the concept "Wallpaper for Gals". This was inspired by a MoMA statement that "5% of the pictures in the museum are painted by women, but 85% of the naked models are female". After researching the issue, the artist determined that pin-ups geared to the female audience were practically non-existent.
Ingrid Süschetz dealt with the highly variable dimensions of light. Her paintings very dynamically convey the power, variety and fascination of light onto the paper, canvas and hardboard surfaces. The artist often selects a triangular format - a difficult undertaking, but one with a very powerful effect.
Gabriella Trummer notes: "It was young love that gave me the strength, as a 20-year-old, to pursue a career as an independent ceramicist. And this very same love deep in my heart continues to inspire me today. In my work I attempt to find a balance between holding on and letting go, between the possible and the impossible."


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