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November 22 - 25, 2001

Studio Sylvie Proidl
Schottenfeldgasse 76/2
A-1070 Vienna



In autumn 2001, the idea was born to hold a salon featuring independent artists at least once a year in Sylvie Proidl's studio.
On Thursday, this time on November 12, the salon was opened with a celebration and the artwork was then open for public viewing and direct sale from Friday to Sunday. The exhibiting painters this year were Jacqueline Chanton, Sylvie Proidl and Elisabeth Sula, and one goal of this first WINTERSALON 01 was to set the standard for future events.
Jacqueline Chanton: "What interests me is the fine line between the artificiality of the media and that of art, the shift from an effect-oriented, planned process to the underlying level. I merely scratch the surface of media and advertising images, assimilate them and, through the act of painting, add a whiff of questionability. It is my yearning to create space for life in a manipulated, simulated reality".
Elisabeth Sula's numerous study trips to Asia have influenced the form and color of her paintings. In the WINTERSALON 01 she shows work from various cycles. All have in common a sensuous brilliance of color.
The host Sylvie Proidl deals with rainforests and indigenous people. She selected the large pen and ink work from the cycle BLACK FISHLETS, whose centerpiece is the three-dimensional textile installation "Black Fishes in Blue Light", which just returned from an exhibition in Brussels.
Every year, a sponsor will be sought - a company (perhaps from the same city district) that could use this event to underline its corporate philosophy with art and to offer its staff and clients a pleasant evening in a stimulating setting.


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