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Mariana Cornea
Susanne Palkovits
Sylvie Proidl

November 22, 2007   7pm
November 23-24, 2007   2-8pm

Studio Sylvie Proidl
Schottenfeldgasse 76/2
A-1070 Vienna

PASSIONRED AND NIGHTBLUE is the title of the WINTERSALON 06, which presents the work of two painters and a ceramicist.
The opening speaker is Mag. Thomas Blimlinger, district commissioner, and the duo Falb-Wendt (saxophone/double-bass) will create a cool jazz atmosphere.
Mariana Cornea: My paintings use neither words nor rhetoric; rather, I apply poetic sensibility to convey pulsating emotion. I use this approach to show the mystical atmosphere that guides me in the creative process - the belief in love as the sole feeling that can unite people in today's times.
Susanne Palkovits: For me, red means life, love and passion. Blue, on the other hand, represents freedom, the far-away and longing. The emotionally charged moments in my life are mirrored in my ceramics. They are a reflection of my inner self, a part of my personality.
Sylvie Proidl: At night, when colors lose their vibrancy, when night blue sinks into black, sounds become louder and scents more intensive. My oil and pastel paintings seek to reveal the mysteries, longing and passions concealed under the cloak of the invisible.


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