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Sylvie Proidl_calligraphy
Pedro Salvadore_photography
Michael-Franz Woels_stencil painting

Sound collage: Usonia Ensemble

November 18, 2010, 7pm
November 19, 2010 4-8pm
November 20, 2010 11am-2pm

Studio Sylvie Proidl
Schottenfeldgasse 76/2
A-1070 Wien


Beauty and ugliness / the real and the surreal are melded in the photographs by Pedro Salvadore, a beautiful combination of writing and depiction. Black meets white, sometimes the reverse, yielding the essential form of expression between the lines. Michael-Franz Woels: "DOXA10 represents different visual opinions (Greek: doxa/opinion), which take on shape with the help of stencils. Abstract black & white formations, generated by a strict conceptual corset, which puts the word DOXA on canvas, broken down literally into its individual letter components in a dissecting-minimalistic approach." Calligraphy, a Greek word, is a combination of kallos (beauty) and graphein (writing). Handwriting, however, has today become an obsolete art form and only few still recognize its value. The quality of this analog discipline is based on several perspectives. Texts are created through the meaning of the words and are supported by the typeface, the chosen surface, the writing utensil and the fluidity. The achromatic colors black and white create another level of abstraction and underline the graphical nature of calligraphy. A special event of this year's Wintersalon is Sylvie Proidl's offer to create a "Calligraphie à la minute" for interested guests.

Ensemble Usonia, Youtube


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