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Peter Berger sculptur&video
Sylvie Proidl painting

Music : Vienna Samba Project

November 17, 2011, 7pm
November 18, 4-8pm, November 19, 11am-2pm

Studio Sylvie Proidl
Schottenfeldgasse 76/2
A-1070 Wien


Peter Berger:
"WILD / HARD / ROUGH - this word combination immediately conjures up images of Charles Bukowski, loudly demanding a bottle of red wine, provoking the audience, and leaving the scene in a whirlwind, with an inebriated admirer in his arms.
WILD / HARD / ROUGH - and this puts us squarely on deck of the MS Europa, where we come to the unpleasant realization that our course depends on how much balls the captain has.
WILD / HARD / ROUGH - our thoughts take another leap - this time to primitive wood sculptures, to metal sheets that deform themselves, are torn asunder, and to concrete, broken, weathered, raw.
And regardless of all this: my studio lies on the Wild river, my favorite material is hard stone, and when the weather is cold and drizzly, my voice gets rough"

Sylvie Proidl:
Wild.. out of control/untamed..wild be wild about something..somebody is getting wild..he's playing the wildman
Hard...hard/ hard as granite..harder than steel
Rough...uneven..coarse..unplaned wood..with rough manners..rough nights

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